The Art and Music of Rashid Abdel Ghafur


These are examples of interdimensional art.

The only photo ever taken of a huge four panel drawing that took a full year to complete. I have a difficult time establishing a monetary value for it. The gentleman on the left is my best friend since High School, Adam Winger.
A $200 commissioned piece I shipped to the journalist Robert Watson in York, England.
A large piece that was sold to a couple of old timers in Eureka, Montana about five years ago. This drawing’s focus is the internal workings of a portal that was engineered and not naturally occurring.
A large drawing I sold to a tourist at an art showing in downtown Missoula five years ago.

This drawing was sold to a writer who had purchased smaller pieces from me previously. Its theme is that of a dying planet whose electromagnetic field has become dangerous and destructive.
This drawing was made to be sold at a charitable auction. It did not sell. It is 28″ x 18″ and I had intended to sell it for $300, but will accept any reasonable offer.
The Infestation. This 26″ x 20″ original pen and ink drawing in heavy duty metal frame costs $150.
This drawing of an interdimensional portal beginning to materialize was sold to a teacher in Australia in 2017.
The name of this drawing is THE MOUTH, and it was sold to a collector in Georgia in 2017.
This piece entitled Burial by Flame Portal measures 18″ x 12″ and is $120.
The Well of Deception was sold to Kyle Morlan in 2018.
This unframed 10″ x 10″ original pen and ink drawing was sold to a gentleman in Salt Lake City in 2019.
This 12″ x 16″ framed original was sold to a musician in Delaware in 2018.
This 12″ x 16″ piece was sold to a local studio owner here in Missoula, Montana in 2018.
This 11″ x 13″ framed original pen and ink drawing entitled The Maze and The Mystery costs $50.
This 10″ x 14″ was sold to a pottery teacher here in Missoula in 2018.
This 10″ x 14″ drawing was sold to a poet in Australia in 2019.
A 36″ x 24″ drawing sold in 2014 entitled Destroy to Create.

This is a 12″ x 8″ piece sold to a school administrator in Texas in 2018.
A full page illustration for a magazine published in 2014.
This 10″ x 14″ framed original pen and ink drawing costs $50, may its passing cleanse the universe……

A piece sold to a student in Chicago in 2017 entitled The Field.
The mining operation is taking longer than anticipated and is constantly complicated with logistical problems, help is needed in determining the depth of crucial mineral deposits on this alien world. The 12″ x 8″ underground survey map seen below, which is a one of a kind hand drawn original pen and ink drawing, will only cost you $50 and may just save the whole venture……
Entitled View of an Extraterrestrial Ocean Floor this 6″ x 4″ framed drawing can be yours for $40.
A 20″ x 14″ drawing entitled Extremophile War Zone which goes for $100.
Macrocosm and microcosm unfold, interstellar crafts can be alive like you and I. What you see from a distance is the organisms entirety, while close up this enormous traveler looks as fragile as a flower. These cumulative 10″ x 18″ three panel framed original pen and ink drawings cost $100, and help us to remember that life is not as simple as what we see around us every day……
This 10″ x 14″ drawing was sold to an airport employee in 2018.
When navigating through an interdimensional portal there are two things to remember, the hull strength of your craft has been tested and re-tested in space dock and that you can control your response to stress no matter what the situation. The strain of travel in these types of unknown realms will test your mental and physical resolve beyond any past experiences. This 12″ x 16″ framed original pen and ink drawing costs $50 and will help you to prepare for the void beyond……